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How much for Costlocker?

Annually (save 15%)
  • 4 people
  • 25 projects


per user Sign up
  • Unlimited people
  • Unlimited projects

$7.65(~180 CZK)

per user Sign up

Try 30 days of Costlocker for free

  • No credit cards
  • Unlimited functionality for 30 days
  • Cancel anytime

Frequently asked questions

Do I pay for anything for the first 30 days of trial?

No, you don’t. Moreover, there’s no limits – you can track any number of projects and people. After 30 days, we’ll look at how you use your account and if you have more than 4 people or 25 projects (finished or running), we’ll ask you to enter your card number to pay for the Premium version.

If I exceed 4 people, do I only pay for those I add extra?

No, you’ll have to pay for all the people in your account once you exceed the limits of the Basic version.

I have employees I don’t need to track all the time. What do I do?

It’s easy, you can deactivate anyone at any time, and you stop paying for them that instant – the remaining days of the monthly subscription are transferred into credits, so you’ll pay less the following month. Deactivated staff won’t be able to log in anymore, but their project data remains. If they need to use Costlocker again, you’ll just activate them again.

If I buy a yearly subscription for 20 people, but add more users later, how much will you charge me for those?

Users added on top of your yearly subscription will be charged $9 each per month. It’s currently not possible to transfer these people from a monthly subscription to the annual one.

Any questions?