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your company really makes

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All the numbers
in the palm of your hand

See client and project

Discover gold mines
and plug spending leaks

Keep track of invoicing and predict cash flow

Learn whether employees earn their salaries

How it works

Know your price

See how much your work is really worth by keeping track of rates and salaries, as well as overhead costs. Enter your expenses once and get accurate reports on how much every man-hour really costs you.

Easily craft cost estimates

Budget your projects conveniently by entering project fees, team members and any overheads or discounts. We’ll calculate the budget for you, or let you invoice retrospectively according to real hours worked.

Let employees track time their way

Employees can track time automatically using a Start/Stop button, or fill their timesheets manually by the end of the day. There’s an app for both Mac and Windows that makes it easy and comfortable.

Keep track of project performance

See how much your employees and external expenses cost you in real time, while keeping an eye on non-billable internal projects and tenders as well. Learn where you keep losing money and whether the work of your people pays off.

Watch and manage cash flow

See all your past and future invoices at a glance to manage your cash flow effectively. For even more control and insight, integrate Costlocker with your favorite invoicing software.

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Always see how your business is doing

Save time and watch critical data only. With our dashboards, you’ll see how your business is doing each month and whether you invoice enough to cover both project and employee expenses.

Financial reports no timesheet
or accountant can give you

Watch reports directly in the app

Use our API to create custom reports

Let us craft reports tailored to your needs

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Integrate Costlocker with your favorite apps

If you have a developer on your team, Costlocker can be easily integrated with the applications your team is used to.

We’ll help you get started

Starting with Costlocker is easy – we’ll help you set it up and advise you on how to effectively use it to improve your business.

Live Demo

Let us show you how Costlocker works in a 45-minute demo in person or via shared screen.


We’ll pay you a visit and train your employees to use Costlocker, helping them make their jobs easier.



Need a partner to discuss strategic decisions about your business? Let our expert talk to you and help you tackle important business issues.

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Import conveniently

Costlocker makes it easy for your developers to import all the data from any project management apps you use, including clients, projects or timesheets.

How Costlocker helps our customers

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