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project budgets and profits

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Track everything in one place


Budget projects easily

Supervise budget spending


See who’s doing what


Manage invoices comfortably

Easy budgeting

Create cost estimates
and export to Excel

Tired of tackling several spreadsheets and checking if it all makes sense? In Costlocker, you can easily create calculations based on estimated man-hours and client rates or project fees. Budgeting retrospectively based on real hours is possible too.

fee-based projects

Create fee-based projects that duplicate themselves in an interval you choose. Update budgets anytime have Costlocker do the math for you.

Project supervision

Watch budget spending in real time

Do clients ask you how much money they have left in their budget? Have the answer ready with Costlocker, where you always see how project budgets are doing. Seeing all the expenses and profit margins enables you to make smarter time estimates, too.

See who’s working on what

Have you ever wanted to assign a task, but didn’t know who’s free? Or simply needed to check whether an important project is moving forward? With Costlocker, you’ll see all of it in the Live Timesheet, saving both time and effort.

Get alerted about man-hour limits

Do you often learn that people on your projects exceeded their estimated hours only after the project is finished? Use Costlocker to find out and act in time. Just set up an alert at 80% and 100% of the estimated hours.

Time tracking & timesheets

Track time automatically with our desktop app

Never forget to track time again with the reminders of our desktop app for both Mac and Windows. If you forget to turn the tracking off, the app will ask what to do with the inactive time. See favorite projects first and switch between them with a single click.

Export timesheets for clients

Do your clients require timesheets data sorted by days, people or tasks? Save time and use Costlocker to see and export timesheets exactly like you want them. For even more comfort, grant your clients access to Costlocker, where they can view the timesheets themselves.


Keep your invoices in order

Still ringing up accountants and directors to ask about what should be invoiced? Just enter what, when and how much into Costlocker and everyone can easily keep track of invoicing. What’s more, you’ll never need to ask about what’s already been invoiced.

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Integrate Costlocker with your favorite apps

If you have a developer on your team, Costlocker can be easily integrated with the applications your team is used to.

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