Your data are in safe hands with us

We continuously ensure adherence to the strictest digital safety standards and make sure that your data is safe from any existing threats.
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Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure that you won’t look at my data?

Nobody except the main Costlocker developer has access to its database, and we’ve signed a very strict NDA with him, entailing significant financial penalties. That’s why we’ve earned the trust of prestigious agencies such as Inspiro Solutions, Adexpres, Bistro Digital, Etnetera Motion and many more.

Will you see my data if I order a custom-made report?

Your custom-made report will be sent directly from the app to the e-mail of your choice. Nobody else will be able to access it.

Data protection

Your data will be protected by several layers of physical protection. They’re stored on several disks spread across several servers, mitigating the risk of losing everything at once. We back all data up several times a day in different locations to make sure we’re always ready for a recovery, if needed.

Infrastructure updates

Our software infrastructure gets updated regularly to stay safe from even the most recent threats. Costlocker runs on a closely observed local network and is supervised by digital safety experts to keep up with the newest technological trends and data safety methods.

Credit card safety

All sensitive information including your credit card number is ciphered directly in your device. Costlocker can’t save data, as it doesn’t have access to any. This also means that Costlocker is PCI-DSS compliant. More information can be found in the documentation for industry credit card safety norms.

Physical safety

Our servers are located in data centers that comply with all safety standards. The servers can only be serviced by experienced and qualified employees. Every time they access our devices, they are required to enter biometric data that eliminates the risk of unauthorized access.


Our server systems and data arrays are designed to ensure maximum safety from data loss. The system remains fully functional even in the unlikely case that several servers fail at the same time. All data center systems (power supplies, air conditioning, drives, servers, networks and internet connections) are set up so that Costlocker remains in full working order should any part of the infrastructure fail.

Communication safety

Any and all communication between your device and our servers is ciphered by the HTTPS protocol. Our ciphering method is similar to that used by banks for on-line transactions. We protect your data to prevent any read or change attempts during its transfer.

Learn more about how safe Costlocker is

If you have any questions pertaining to Costlocker’s safety precautions, please let us know at We’ll be glad to help and explain.