Timesheet, Time tracking, Project budgeting and more new improvements

Timesheet, Time tracking, Project budgeting and more new improvements
Kamil Skramusky
Kamil Skramusky

We have prepared several Costlocker improvements based on your suggestions, which is why we believe they will help you in your everyday work.

You can filter by tags in the Timesheet

If you tag projects then the option of filtering worked hours in the Timesheet according to your tags will come in handy. For instance, it will allow you to show only the hours worked on billable projects for a certain period of time.

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Your name is first in the Responsible person filter

If your role in Costlocker is Administrator or Manager (can view and edit all projects) then you can filter all reports by Responsible person. This is even easier now, because you will always be first in this list of people, which means you don’t have to spend time searching for your name.

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Keyboard arrows and Enter now work in time tracking and search (Alt+f)

Do you want to find a project quickly and start tracking time without using a mouse? See how easy it is using just your keyboard. Click on the field with the list of projects. Use the keyboard arrows to choose the project, then press Enter once, Enter again and start tracking.

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Searching is just as easy. Use the keyboard shortcut Alt+f. A search window will pop up where you can start writing the name of the project you are looking for. Then use the keyboard arrows to select the given project and press Enter. That’s it.

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We will make sure nobody can enter invoicing exceeding the Cost Estimate

Have you already added planned invoicing to the Project Billing and suddenly somebody reduces the total project price in the Cost Estimate? We will now notify you and tell you to reduce the planned invoicing in Billing based on the new price calculation.

Users with a Manager role will now see who is tracking what and how long

As a project manager, you want to keep track of what is currently happening with the project. This is why we have given users with a Manager role access to a list where they can see who is currently tracking what and how long they have been working. This list is available under Live in Timesheet.

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Overhead Costs settings have been moved to the dashboard

You kept asking us where to find the Overhead Costs settings. This is why we’ve decided to move these settings under the Company items in the upper toolbar.

Nobody will ever finish a project while you are tracking on it

It often happened that project managers would close a project and move it to Finished Projects while you were still tracking time worked on the given project. As a result, you couldn’t finish your time tracking. Now, it will no longer be possible for the project manager to close a project while you are still tracking time, because if there is anybody tracking at the given moment, we will notify the project manager about it.

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For those of you who are happy about these changes

If you are at least slightly happy with these changes, tell us about it at support@costlocker.com. Even better, share your happiness with others and Tweet about us. Thanks for making us happy too :)