Retainers fee — feature update!

Retainers fee — feature update!
Kamil Skramusky
Kamil Skramusky

We have created a new function that will come in handy for all those who use recurring projects. You can now open future months manually.

How it used to work

You have defined a recurring project with monthly frequency. It is the start of the month and you are sending the client an invoice for Facebook credit, which you will use in the campaign only next month. But where do you add this in Costlocker? You don’t want to add it to the current month, because it concerns the next month. But the next month isn’t open yet. What to do? You had to note it down somewhere, and could only add it to the next month once it was open.

How it works now

Now you can manually open the forthcoming month in the template for the recurring project, as far as 3 months ahead. Just click on the Duplicate manually button in the detailed template of the running project. As soon as you confirm this option, a recurring project will be created automatically for the next month. Hence, you can enter today any planned costs or revenues for future months. You no longer have to note things down and think about it.

There is another great feature. The projects you open manually for forthcoming months will not appear in people’s time tracking until the Start Date of the given project.

Do you want a detailed understanding of how it works? Here is a step-by-step guide.

Choose Projects in the upper toolbar and then click on Recurring Projects. You are in the list of templates for recurring projects.

retainers fee 1.png

Click on the name of the recurring project template to access the details. This is where the new Duplicate manually button is located.

retainers fee 2.png

What happens when you now click on the Duplicate manually button? You have currently opened a current project, which concerns this month (Retainer 8/2016).

retainers fee 3.png

But if you click on the Duplicate manually button, a newly created project will appear for the following month (Retainer 9/2016).

retainers fee 4.png

Click on this newly created project to access its details. Here, click on the Edit Project button, and in the Project Expenses section you can add e.g. Facebook credit, as mentioned in the example in the introduction.

retainers fee 5.png

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