Major Costlocker improvements coming up

Major Costlocker improvements coming up
Kamil Skramusky
Kamil Skramusky

New ways of creating cost estimates in Costlocker will be available soon.

- time estimates per task

- fixed-price per task

- fixed-price per overall project

- automatically generated project budget based on the worked time

Peek under the hood

Let us briefly introduce you to the new ways of budgeting projects.

1. Time estimates per task

It won’t be needed to pair time estimates with people anymore. Oftentimes you have no clue who will be designing the homepage or coding the newsletter when the project is just starting out. From now on, you’ll be able to add all designers or programmers at once.


2. Fixed-price per task

Are you charging your clients a fixed fee for individual project task? Just enter the price you charge for Project management, Design or Development and add people. No more calculating fixed-prices into time estimates. budget2.png

3. Fixed-price per overall project

Are you making a logo for a $1.200 and that’s all you know? Just enter the price and select people who’ll be participating on the project — feel free to add all of them, if you don’t want to deal with their availability just now.  budget3.png

4. Automatically generated project budget based on the worked time

If you want to use the current version of Costlocker to learn how much you’re supposed to invoice the client for the hours spent on the project, you have to:

- assign tasks and people to the project

- edit project budget by the end of the month

- select Advanced options > Automatically move tracked hrs to estimated hrs

- save changes

In the next version, you’ll simply look at the project dashboard, where you’ll see the overall project price, i.e. how much you’re supposed to invoiced based on the hours worked on the project.


Are you interested?

If you’d like to know a bit more about new ways of budgeting projects, just let us know at