Growing a business takes effort

We know you’re not in business just to pay for salaries and overheads – you’re in it for the money. Knowing whether you’re making any is crucial, yet you won’t be sure if your efforts pay off just by looking at your invoices. We weren’t either – and that’s why we developed Costlocker.

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Costlocker was made to satisfy our own needs. To make smart decisions based on numbers rather than feelings, we at 2FRESH needed to gain a detailed insight into our financial affairs. We wanted to know where we’re losing money, which projects are the most profitable and who is worth their salary. And that’s why we developed Costlocker.

- Kamil Skramuský, Costlocker & 2FRESH partner
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Why profitability matters

A customer called us and said they entered a project fee of $8,500 into Costlocker and that the math was wrong. It wasn’t – the only thing that was wrong was that after paying for salaries and overheads, they made a profit of only $200. This made them realize what they really make and revisit their rates and running costs.

We understand your business

We ourselves have been running an agency for more than 10 years, so we know what it really takes and what one has to deal with when building a functioning business. You’ll never have to explain fees and cash flows to us. We’ve been there and know what you expect.

We listen to your needs

We’re continuously improving Costlocker based on the needs of our clients. Just last year we’ve received 800 suggestions for improvement and have already implemented many of them.